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Plague Developer, What?

Hey there, curious reader! I am Maximilian, and I like to break with the common "everything is great!" theme of naming things nowadays which prevents critical thinking. So don't be afraid, this is just a random software developer blog without any further concerns with diseases and the like.

Still reading? Great! Sooo, who am I?

In short: I build stuff for the interwebz and solve difficult problems for random strangers, like, uhm, my employers and customers.

Wanna optimize some internal business processes? Or need an app for your smartphone, browser or desktop? You built a truly awesome product and struggle to get customers in todays massive digital ambient noise level? Consider it done. Yeah, you should get the idea.

Why I maintain this blog you ask?

From time to time I stumble upon interesting things. Yeah, there is Evernote or Instapaper to save stuff. Of course, one could just spam all the social media channels and be thrilled about the user reactions.

But sometimes, I need just a place to write something down in a structured way. Important thoughts or experiences before they fade away, some controversial texts that better not reach my facebook friends, and so on.

And finally, sometimes I just need a damn permalink to share something, for example on HackerNews.

This blog looks weird?

This is of course true. I could have used wordpress or ghost and be done with this. But as a web developer, it's some kind of "Hello, World!" to write your own blogging system from time to time with some shiny new technologies.

This one consists of a single literate coffeescript file, which starts an express.js server and manages some flat markdown files with my blog posts. That's it. You may have a huge, fancy blogging system by yourself, but you do not have the feeling of a slick, beautiful, single-file blogging engine that doesn't even need any database.

I admit it, I am a nerd. Just in case you didn't notice it up to now.

Wanna get in touch?

I slapped some networking buttons below, just click one of them and start critizing me about this weird shit I publish, easy as pie. If you just want to chat a little, I'd love to see a tweet from you!

   Maximilian Stroh

And finally: below every blog post is a sweet Disqus container (you know, that stuff that ghostery blocks for you but are not sure if this stuff may be useful?), this is perfectly suited for a structured discussion or just a "thanks" that makes my day.